How do you look for paying guest accommodations in Bangalore

Posted by on May 30, 2017

If you are leaving home for the first time, either for work or studies, and Bangalore is your destination then you need some guidance on how to find a good accommodation in Bangalore. helps you to find a best and comfortable Paying Guest Accommodations in Bangalore. Stop roaming in search of PG’s. You get lot of options in selection of areas, prices, PGs images and facilities in

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Do not get carried away by advertisements. Some of them may be genuine but it is always better to check for yourself and ask around before you commit.

Things you have to keep in mind while searching for Paying Guest Accommodations.

Are you a Student or an employee who has just joined a firm in Bangalore or a transferee from another city to Bangalore. The choice of accommodation will depend on that. Then you have to search your requirements in social networking like which helps you find the right accommodation. It will also save you the brokerage charges in many cases.

The main thing you have to keep in your mind while searching PG is. Budget considerations, surroundings, condition of the room, food and basic facilities like water and electricity. And also you need to find out if there will be a legal agreement with the owner, what are the dos and don’ts and what facilities will be provided to you as a part of this agreement. Also consider how many people will be accommodated in the room and if there is any advance amount to be paid, will it be refunded when you leave. These must be documented and signed for your own security.

Some Important Security Checks while giving advance to Paying Guest

Most of the owners of PG’s do not give any written agreements. Certain rules are orally communicated to the prospective tenant and are strictly enforced to follow.

In many of the PGs basic amenities provided are a cot, table and chair while you may have to bring in the mattress, pillows and bed sheets. Some of the better Paying Guests have facilities such as washing machines, microwave ovens and fridges. Most of the better PGs have an attached bathroom, while cheaper PGs will have common toilets. There is no guaranteed parking for two wheelers or cars. Some owners ask for 3 to 5 months’ rent as an advance which is returnable when you leave.

Some ladies PG Owners will not allow inside after 9.30 PM or 10.00 PM it may not suit for all working women’s. Make sure of the timing’s while selecting.

Ensure that the house is secure and the people in the family are decent. Trust your instincts and if you are not comfortable with the people or the surrounding decide quickly and move out. Nothing is more important than your safety and the security of your personal belongings.

Do not get carried away by advertisements. Some of them may be genuine but it is always better to check for yourself and ask around before you commit.

What is Paying Guest(PG) Accommodation?

Paying Guest(PG) accommodation is a Room or a part of residential Premises which is rented out to stay, either individually or jointly, utilizing all the benefits of the house, like a guest and paying for the facilities like food, laundry, bed etc for a certain period of time. It is more affordable for working professionals and students.

What will be the cost of PG in Bangalore?

Usually a rent for a PG starts from Rs.4000/5000. It purely depends on the location, facilities agreed between you and the Owner, and most importantly it depends on whether you are using private or sharing room.

What are the facilities available in PG Accommodation in Bangalore?

Facilities differs from one PG to another based on cost and locations. Food (Thrice a day), North/South/Veg/Non-veg - It differs from One PG to another. Drinking Water, Attached Bathrooms, Hot water for Bath, T.V,Washing Machine (Optional), Individual Wardrobes. Wi-fi (Optional), Parking for 2 and 4 wheeler, Self Cooking (Optional) And also many more facilities available in highly paid PG’s.

What is the difference between PG and Independent House?

Rent :One of the biggest advantages of staying in a PG is Comparatively less rental value against an independent house. Social Security: It is always better for a single tenant to live in a PG as you get social security and live with other roommates as a family. Ready-Made Facilities: Basic facilities like TV, refrigerator and geyser are offered in a PG. Maintenance: In today’s fast-paced city life, it is difficult for the younger generation to take out time for household chores. Since they are busy with their studies or part-time jobs, they have no time to spare. For them, renting a PG can be a better choice. Food: Most of the PG’s provide breakfast and dinner on a daily basis and the cost is included in the rent itself. Paying Bills: You don’t have to bother about paying electricity, water and internet bill if you are staying in a PG. However, for AC rooms, tenants have to pay an additional cost of electricity even in PG’s.

What will be the average amount for deposit for paying guest?

1 or 2 Months of rent has to be paid as Advance or Deposit . ( In some of the PG’s they will not ask for Advance or Deposit amount.

What are the safety measures taken for ladies PG in Bangalore?

The Ladies Paying Guest (PG) in Bangalore must have a CCTV Camera and a Security guard to ensure the safety of the ladies/girls staying in the PG. And it is a Government Order.

What is the different between Pg and House?

You should carry your clothes according to the weather also carry your general daily usage accessories. Do not forget to always keep a read map and public transport route map and a guide for emergency and help line numbers. Always keep contact details of your family members and friends into your pocket. In PG for many thing you are dependent upon your host and may be you have to bear many things which you do not like in normal situation. Sharing PGs with your friends or cousins.

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